ABDROL™ with Xprinol™ contains Vinyldithiins*, a premium extract derived from a unique variant of garlic that is clinically proven to prevent Syndrome X. The therapeutic action of ABDROL™ provides effective therapy for the management of the key parameters involved in Syndrome X. These parameters include:

• LDL Levels
• HDL Levels
• Triglycerides (TG)
• Total Cholesterol (TC)
• Waist Circumference

ABDROL™ with Xprinol™ contains Vinyldithiins* that is clinically proven for safety and efficacy to prevent Syndrome X in studies conducted by the Journal of Nutrition and Disease, the Bordia paper and other pharmacological and clinical studies. It inhibits HMG-CoA Reductase that prevents the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. Resulting in an increase in the number of LDL membrane receptors and reducing LDL in the circulation.

The active compound is also recognised for its ability to not only modify and balance blood lipid profiles, but also to prevent lipid peroxidation and act as general support for the maintenance of cardiovascular and metabolic health. HMG-CoA Reductase is the rate-limiting step in cholesterol synthesis and represents the key metabolic target for contemporary cholesterol-lowering agents.

Coupled with Belgian Technology - an extraction process conducted at an extremely low temperature to avoid the change of physicochemical properties of the extract - the risk of side reactions such as oxidation is eliminated.

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