Seminar: “Listening” to your genes, “Talking” to your genes aking control of disease and aging
29th Sep 2013
Studies shown better result if taking Abdrol together with PRISTIN Toxin-free fish oil.
Few studies concluded that supplementation of garlic together with
Clinical study on Vinyldithiins and Sulfides in Abdrol with summary

Abdrol certified halal by JAKIM

Precious Ingredients In Garlic

Obesity link to Syndrome X by Dato Dr. Rajen M
I HATE being fat. I am sure you do too! Actually, nobody likes being fat. It makes you look and feel bad. Being fat means some people avoid you.
Source: New Straits Times, August 24, 2010
More power in garlic by Dato Dr. Rajen M
From treating colds to acne, garlic has been discovered as a potential drug to fight cancer and heart disease
Source: Source: New Straits Times, August 17, 2010
X factor in insulin resistance by Dato Dr. Rajen M
Syndrome X patients face an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular Disease due to an abnormal response to insulin. The key to treatment lies in diet and exercise.
Source: New Straits Time, July 13, 2010
Metabolic Malady by Dato Dr. Rajen M
Research has shown that a cluster of symptoms that signals a body’s metabolism has malfunctioned, is triggered by a diet rich in sugar and fat, and eating such food frequently and at odd hours.
Source: New Straits Times, July 6, 2010
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